Friday, August 3, 2012

Catch up

It seems so hard to keep up this blog, but I can assure you it is harder to catch up. I will not be able to fill in the whole year but I will do my best to at least hit some highlights. Maybe for the catch up time I will do it by children.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Spring is finally here and so is Lacrosse it is a fun sport here are some pictures of Ky(#24--top 2) and Gray (#26--bottom 2) and a link to the teams web page where more pictures can be seen.

It has been too long.

I intended to blog the planning of Jana's wedding but I never seemed to have the time...imagine that! It was beautiful and we should have pictures soon. I will add some when we do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall; means soccer....

Brig is playing soccer, he is in a 3-4 year old league. They play in field the size of a volleyball court, and play 3 on 3. They practice for a half of a hour and then play for a half of a hour. The first game he did really well during practice time, but when it came time for the game he cried..alot. Dad, mom and Meisha all spent time on the field with him. The next week was better only cried a little and spent most of the time by himself on the field at least running in the same direction as the ball.

Monday, August 31, 2009

School Started

Guess the boys are past pictures of them on the first day of school. But Gray drove to school he just got his drivers license. Gray is a Junior and Ky is a Sophomore, WOW where does the time go. They actually woke up to their alarm clocks, I'm sure that will change. But for now there are excited to go back to school.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

About the hike

Dad really wanted to hike table mountain again (he did it as a 12 year old boy). He knew it would be a tough hike, Tyson did some research and found that it was to be a 12 mile round trip and and there was a 4000 foot elevation gain, most of which was at the end, near the summit. So on Monday July 5th dad, Jon (Meisha's husband), Tyson, Gray and Ky decided to go.

They got away late, it had been raining so they wanted to make sure the weather was good. They left camp at about 930 am with water, snacks, a MRE each (thanks to Reed Jana's fiancee) and some extra clothes, planning to take about 6 hours.

Well.....Meisha and I got everybody headed home, clean up the campground, drove to Targee and back and prepared dinner, Tin Foil dinners. At 5 pm no sign of them... I decided that they wouldn't want to wait for tin foils dinners so I fried bacon and fried potatoes, thinking we would have hamburgers, at 6 pm I decided they wouldn't want to wait to cook hamburgers, because they would be hungry, so I made a meatloaf. At 830pm it was starting to get dark and I decided that they wouldn't want to wait for veggies, and it was getting dark, so I cooked the veggies. And we waited...and waited at about 930 they pulled in. After 16 miles round trip, they were exhausted and hungry and tired. Their clothes were wet and they were sore. They had lost the trail in the snow and had taken the long way. They hadn't taking the time to eat since they left and moved fast all day. So they had a warm dinner and all went to bed. The said the view was amazing, the views of the clouds were awesome, they saw a moose and had a great time. They all said it was worth it.

Ky had worn long pants, yes wide legs and falling off cause the waist was too big on the way up I guess he decided he was too hot and cut off the legs with a pocket knife. It looked like Daisy Duke shorts when he pulled them up to his waist.